Library Graffiti Wall

Have you been by the reading room lately? Our graffiti wall (columns?) are steadily filling up as the semester moves along.

Some students show their school spirit:graffiti wall photo alumni gator drawingsome students offer confessions and support:
graffiti wall image of students offering support
others show off their art skills:graffiti wall image of a chameleongraffiti wall image of student art and others offer sage advice:graffiti wall image of text that reads "partying relieves stress"Stop by the fourth floor reading room to check out the wall or add your own art! Be sure to use #UHDLibGraffiti when posting to social media!


University Archives Exhibit – What’s in a Name?

title card for new university archives exhibit

A new University Archives Exhibit is now on display on the 5th floor of the W.I. Dykes Library, from September 19 -December 16, 2016.

What’s in a Name?: Marketing the Changing University, 1948-2016,  explores the development of the University through the evolution of marketing and branding as profession using collections from the South Texas Seahawks to the UHD Gators. This exhibit was curated by a second-gen UHD alum, Quentin Pace, ’14, a current staff member of the library, under the direction of the University Archivist Melissa Torres.

Explore the University Archives

The University Archives has a new website!

screen capture of the university archives website homepage

Use the Discover UHD History tab to explore UHD’s past as well as current discoveries and musings from the archives blog. Search the archives and special collections, review collection policies and learn how to preserve your own collection (or that of your student organization).

The University Archives website can be found at, or from the library’s homepage. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

e-Journal & e-Book Maintenance

open computer window with illustrated gears on a blue backgroundTo prepare for the upcoming semester, the library is doing maintenance on electronic collections.

Many electronic journals and e-books will be temporarily removed from the catalog and LibSearch.


During this time, you can still access these resources from these pages:

Electronic books will be gradually restored to the catalog and LibSearch over the next week.

Electronic journals will remain available through the journal search tab.

If you need assistance locating an e-journal or e-books, please Ask a Librarian.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

End of Semester Hours at the College of Business

The end of the semester is almost here! Are you ready? Are you excited? Are you…procrastinating??

Good news! The library will be over at the College of Business for a few hours in April to help out with any last minute questions you might have. A tutor from the UHD Writing and Reading Center will also be there to answer quick questions or help schedule an appointment with you.

We’ll be in the College of Business Shea Street Building, on the first floor during the following dates:

Tuesday, April 12; 11am-noon
Tuesday, April 26; 11am-noon

Come say hello! image with information about reference hours at the college of business during the month of April

Featured New Business Titles

cover image for Popup Republic

Popup Republic by Jeremy BarasPopUp Republic delves into the $50-billion dollar pop-up industry and includes stories, examples, anecdotes, case studies and a how-to guide of how to create a successful pop-up. More than just an A-to-Z guide on how to launch and operate a successful pop-up, PopUp Republic shows how pop-ups are disrupting the retail, dining and entertainment industries in this country and around the world– Provided by publisher.



cover for Social Media Risk and Governance

Social Media Risk and Governance: Managing Enterprise Risk by Phil Mennie
Featuring examples from companies such as BP, MasterCard, Netflix, PwC, Silk Road UBS and Yelp, the book is designed to promote cross-functional working between professional users of social media, acknowledging the impact of these technologies across the business and the interaction of the various stakeholders when planning new activities to effectively harness the power of social media safely and successfully for their organization.–Provided by ProQuest



Practical Strategic Management by Eiichi Kasahara
The author presents 15 steps that combine strategy and marketing aspects in business. The steps are presented systematically and holistically. Readers will be able to maintain the “big picture” perspective, while being able to dive deep into each step. The guide is not written for “ideal situations” in business. Much attention is given to being aware of market trends, business competition, and the limitations of resources, to be able to apply practical strategic thinking in business.–Provided by ProQuest



Underdome Guide to Energy Reform compiled by Janette Kim and Erik Carver
The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform is the first book to map the political implications of energy management in architecture. It reenvisions collective priorities in the face of climate change, at scales ranging from the microelectronic to macroregional. Organized into sections covering power, territory, lifestyle, and risk, Underdome catalogs conflicts and affiliations among energy agendas to inform public action and function as a “voter guide.” Underdome is a call to action, urging citizens and designers to questions how political ecology can reshape architectural objects and objectives.–Provided by ProQuest


cover image for business ethics

Business Ethics: An Interactive Introduction by Andrew Kernohan
Concepts such as utility, duty, and sustainability are given practical value and connected to examples and methods familiar to business people. Classical ethical theories are surveyed, as are modern perspectives on justice, equality, and the environment. Where possible, quantitative examples and methods are used to show that ethics need not be subjective or vague. Kernohan provides an overview of the basic tools of ethical decision-making and shows how each can be used to resolve moral problems in business environments.–Provided by ProQuest



cover image

Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World edited by Claudiu V. Dimofte, Curtis P. Haugtvedt, and Richard F. Yalch
Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World will appeal to those who are involved in creating, managing, and evaluating products used in social media communications. As seen in recent financial and business market successes (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc.), businesses focused on facilitating social media are part of the fastest growing and most valuable sector of today’s economy.–Provided by ProQuest