Teach Yo Self!

It’s a new semester here at the University of Houston-Downtown and we at the library want to welcome all of our students, both new and returning!

Whether this is your first semester or your first semester really using the library, we know that it can be hard to figure out where to find the information you really need. In this post, we invite you to learn some library basics that will make the rest of the semester easier for you!

1. I have a question! Help!
2. Ummm, I’m lost. Is this even a library? Where are the books?
3. How can I book a study room?
4. I’m severely under-caffeinated.
5. Do you check out laptops?

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1. I have a question! Help!
That’s great, we love questions! In fact, we love them so much, you can ask us a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is this witchcraft, you say? It’s our Ask A Librarian chat service. And it’s not actually witchcraft, it’s *technology*.

If you don’t want to chat with a librarian you can also email a librarian, call us, make an appointment, or send a good old fashioned text (phone numbers available in the right sidebar on our Help page).

2. Ummm, I’m lost. Is this even a library? Where are the books?
Yes, this is definitely a library. And you’re in luck, because we have maps! With colors! And room numbers! They’re pretty helpful if you are wandering around in circles trying to find a book, or your study room. Not interested in maps? Here’s a quick breakdown:

The Fourth Floor has the computer lab, information desk (where you can find a real live librarian!) study rooms, presentation rooms, and two classrooms with computers.

The Fifth Floor has the books, bound journals, CDs & DVDs, and circulation desk (where you can find reserved items and check out your books!). The 40,000 Windows Cafe is also on the fifth floor.

3. How can I book a study room?
Excellent question! Go to our homepage and click the blue button that says Study Rooms. Follow the prompts to reserve a room. Remember, you have to have a group of 3 or more people and you can only book for two hours at a time. We love you, but we will also (very nicely, of course) kick you out of the room if we have to. If you need step-by-step help to check out a room, visit us in the computer lab. 

homepage with study rooms circled

4. I’m severely under-caffeinated.
Aren’t we all? Yes. The answer is probably yes. But guess what, there’s a coffee shop IN THE LIBRARY. The 40,000 Windows Cafe is located on the fifth floor of the library and is open Monday-Thursday, 9am-9pm. Unfortunately your caffeine addiction will have to be met elsewhere Friday-Sunday, because the cafe will not be open.

5. Do you check out laptops?
Nope. For that, you’ll have to visit the computer lab on the 8th floor (S800). We do, however checkout a ton of other helpful pieces of technology like video cameras, calculators (scientific and graphing), headphones, as well as webcams and microphones.

So that’s your basic Library 101–have a great semester!

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Library Summer Hours

Summer is here at UHD, and the library is open for all your summer semester needs! Stop by and visit us during the following hours:

Summer Hours (June 5 – August 10)

​ DAY​​
7:00​​ AM
9:30 PM
7:00​​ AM
7:00​​ AM
9:30 PM
7:00​​ AM
9:30 PM​
​Friday​ 7:00​​ AM 5:00 PM
​Saturday 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
*Sunday ​Closed Closed

Library Partners with Islamic Da’wah Center

The W. I. Dykes Library is excited to announce it’s partnership with the Islamic Da’wah Center of Houston! This partnership will allow UHD staff, faculty, and students to borrow items from the Islamic Da’wah Center Library of Islamic Knowledge at no cost.

Find out how to request access to the Isalmic Da’wah Center Library and more information about the program on our website.


Survivor: Finals 2016 Edition

Do you have what it takes to survive finals? Need some extra support next week?

We’ve got your back! Check out the events below & be sure to visit the Inspiration Walls on the 2nd and 4th floors:

9AM-12PM : TAKE WHAT YOU NEED – relaxation bags, scantrons, study skills, games, coloring , snacks, & more!
2PM-3PM : YOGA IN THE LIBRARY – no mat needed, meet in the Reading Room next to N420
4PM-6PM : ADULTING 101 - career planning & self-management skills to see you to graduation @N420

12PM-1PM : STAR POWER STUDY SESSION – food, scantrons, study skills & tutoring @ Learning Connection S405
2PM-3PM : YOGA IN THE LIBRARY – no mat needed, meet in the Reading Room next to N420
4PM-6PM : ADULTING 101 - career and adult advice for after college @N420

9AM-12PM : TAKE WHAT YOU NEED - relaxation bags, scantrons, study s kills, games, coloring & more! @N420
12PM-1PM : STAR POWER STUDY SESSION - food, scantrons, study skills and tutoring @ Learning Connection S405
2PM-3PM : YOGA IN THE LIBRARY – no mat needed, meet in the Reading Room next to N420
4PM-6PM : ADULTING 101 - career and adult advice for after college @N420

a flier detailing the list of events happening during finals of the fall 2016 semester

Library Graffiti Wall

Have you been by the reading room lately? Our graffiti wall (columns?) are steadily filling up as the semester moves along.

Some students show their school spirit:graffiti wall photo alumni gator drawingsome students offer confessions and support:
graffiti wall image of students offering support
others show off their art skills:graffiti wall image of a chameleongraffiti wall image of student art and others offer sage advice:graffiti wall image of text that reads "partying relieves stress"Stop by the fourth floor reading room to check out the wall or add your own art! Be sure to use #UHDLibGraffiti when posting to social media!


University Archives Exhibit – What’s in a Name?

title card for new university archives exhibit

A new University Archives Exhibit is now on display on the 5th floor of the W.I. Dykes Library, from September 19 -December 16, 2016.

What’s in a Name?: Marketing the Changing University, 1948-2016,  explores the development of the University through the evolution of marketing and branding as profession using collections from the South Texas Seahawks to the UHD Gators. This exhibit was curated by a second-gen UHD alum, Quentin Pace, ’14, a current staff member of the library, under the direction of the University Archivist Melissa Torres.

Explore the University Archives

The University Archives has a new website!

screen capture of the university archives website homepage

Use the Discover UHD History tab to explore UHD’s past as well as current discoveries and musings from the archives blog. Search the archives and special collections, review collection policies and learn how to preserve your own collection (or that of your student organization).

The University Archives website can be found at www.uhd.edu/archives, or from the library’s homepage. Take a look around and let us know what you think!