Library (and University) have new Web site

5-15-2015 9-04-49 AM
The Library and the University have a new look online! The changeover is being done at a time that we hope will cause the least confusion, the week of May 18.

If you have any difficulty finding information, resources, and services, on the Library site, remember, you can always AskaLibrarian!

Links to specific Library Research Guides (any site that begins “”) have not changed.

We will be working steadily to improve the new site, so we want to hear from you! Send us comments via AskaLibrarian.

UHD Library receives funding from Delphians


On May 14, the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters awarded a grant of $1,000 to UHD Library to purchase a classroom computer desk for students with disabilities.

The Delphians have generously provided the Library with funding over the years, as they have other UHD departments. All of this is in addition to the scholarships they offer to UHD students, allowing many students opportunities to attain college degrees they might not otherwise have had.

The Library greatly appreciates their support!

Library’s intersession hours started May 16

summer-149456_1280As of Saturday, May 16, the Library will be closed on weekends and open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of Monday, May 25, when we are closed for Memorial Day. These hours will apply through May 31. On Monday, June 1 summer session hours will begin.

Don’t worry if you’re taking a May Term class here! Databases and library chat can be accessed 24 hours a day. You also have access to the library research guides at all times.

We hope to see you this summer!

New psychotherapy video collection added!

As part of our ongoing effort to meet the needs of our students, the library has recently subscribed to the Collection from Alexander Street Press.

Here is the collection’s description from Alexander Street Press:

The Collection includes more than 150 in-depth training videos from one of the counseling professions’ most respected video providers. All titles are created by and for psychotherapists and provide reliable, detailed instructions for serving diverse populations and therapeutic issues.
Films within the collection also provide step-by-step instructions for successfully implementing dozens of therapeutic approaches. Key topics include family and group therapy, dynamic psychotherapy, legal and ethical considerations, working with survivors of abuse, PTSD, and countless more.

You can find this resources by searching the library’s databases.

Tights and Tiebrary, available till May 23!

multicolored ties rolled up

photo courtesy of audiophilia

The Career Development Center and the W.I. Dykes Library are pleased to announce the launch of their new Tights and Tiebrary program. This collaborative initiative will provide support to students by loaning them ties, tights, scarves and necklaces for interviews, networking events and other career related activities during the Spring graduation season. The Tights and Tiebrary will not only provide students with accessories to give them a professional edge, but also expose them to the resources and advisement of the Career Development Center and to the collection of professional development materials located in the W.I. Dykes Library.

How does it work? Students must attend a one on one appointment or workshop with a Career Counselor, OR, they must check-out a specified career-related resource from the W.I. Dykes Library. The Career Counselors and Librarians will give students a Tiebrary coupon after they complete one of these two options; the students will then go to the Tiebrary located in the Career Development Center to choose a tie, scarf, necklace or tights.

This Spring, the Tights and Tiebrary will be open from April 6th until May 23rd.

Any questions can be addressed to Maggie Mahoney in the CDC or Bethany Tschaepe in the Library.

Chat 24/7

chat 24 7

Photo credit to Tom Magliery.

By popular demand, the Library is expanding chat reference service to 24/7 coverage!

In recent surveys, faculty and students have told us they love asking questions through chat, but they wish it was available longer hours. We listened and have signed up with Chatstaff, a 24/7 library chat service. Experienced librarians will be available to answers questions at any time, day or night, and even holidays! UHD Librarians will cover the hours with the highest use.

We hope you find this expanded chat service helpful as you continue your studies at UHD! We would love to hear your comments on the new service – Tell us What You Think!

The Value of Value Line


I’m pleased to announce that the UHD Library now has the Value Line Investment Survey available online!

I have spent many years as a public librarian. At every library I’ve ever worked at the Value Line Investment Survey was one of our most popular resources. These public libraries did not have access to the online Value Line database, but instead received the paper reports which we put in a large binder for the patrons to look at inside the library only. For a few years, I wondered, why is Value Line so popular? Why would people come to the library just to look at the Value Line? I knew the most current share price of a security would not be represented in the Value Line report. Why not just look at whatever security you are interested in on the internet from home?

When I started getting into investing, I decided to actually look at the Value Line and see what all the fuss was about. What I discovered was that the Value Line offered things that were very difficult to find anywhere else. The summary of each security in a Value Line report is a concise breakdown of the most important factors influencing the company’s share price going forward. The summaries are so on point that they feel like insider information. Value Line reports also predict a target range of share price appreciation or depreciation for the coming years. Value Line rates each equity by timeliness, safety and technical strength. It also grades a company’s financial strength, its price growth persistence and its earnings predictability. Value Line’s future focused approach is why I strongly recommend you try out this database.